Host Brontosaurus Server with Docker

This Work in Progress document will guide you to create and host a Brontosaurus within 10 minutes.


Brontosaurus has two active docker images available on Docker Hub now. Image brontosaurus/core for core function, image brontosaurus/red for a prebuilt command center for light need. However, brontosaurus/red is not required, and you can create your personalized control center with Brontosaurus. It now recommended, but you can even edit the Brontosaurus Database with @brontosaurus/db package for NodeJS.

For @brontosaurus/db, check out Use Brontosaurus DB Document

Brontosaurus docker hub image doesn’t use default latest tag, which means you have to specificity the version you want when you are pulling it. When pulling, the image version can be assigned like brontosaurus/core:x.x.x.

Here are the latest versions of our images.

Brontosaurus Core Image Version Brontosaurus Red Image Version Brontosaurus Green Image Version


Docker is required for your machine to run Brontosaurus with Docker, to install Docker, check out this document About Docker CE. If you are running Brontosaurus for testing locally, install Docker Desktop.