Integrate Brontosaurus with React

Use Brontosaurus with React is smooth and transparent, with no invasive pattern.

Install SDK

Brontosaurus Web package is made for any modern web development technology; you may need a bundler such as webpack, browserify, or parcel.

npm install @brontosaurus/web

Brontosaurus React package is made for react, although everything you need is included in @brontosaurus/web, this package can help you integrate Brontosaurus and react better and more transparent.

npm install @brontosaurus/react


An application must be created in Brontosaurus Red or other management portals before a web application can access it.

You will need an ApplicationKey and a ServerPath for the following steps.


Brontosaurus needs to be registered to your application before you use it.

For an application that doesn’t require a sign-in, you can use:

import { Brontosaurus } from "@brontosaurus/web"
Brontosaurus.hydrate(serverPath, applicationKey, true);

For an application that requires signed-in, remove the last parameter of the hydrate function. Like:

import { Brontosaurus } from "@brontosaurus/web"
Brontosaurus.hydrate(serverPath, applicationKey);

Besides hydrate, there are several ways to register Brontosaurus with @brontosaurus/web and check the document for more information.


Wherever of your application, use the following code to logout the current user.

import { Brontosaurus } from "@brontosaurus/web"

Also, pass true to logout function, Brontosaurus will redirect the user to the sign-in page again for re-sign-in.

import { Brontosaurus } from "@brontosaurus/web"