Node JS SDK for Brontosaurus

This Work in Progress document introduces the installation step of @brontosaurus/node.


With NPM

npm install @brontosaurus/node

With Yarn

yarn add @brontosaurus/node

This module provides its own typescript declaration file. No types package required.


The node SDK requires a initialization to gather brontosaurus server information. We recommend only do initialization once for each brontosaurus server.

import { Authorization } from "@brontosaurus/node";

export const auth: Authorization = Authorization.create(
    Get_Brontosaurus_Server(), // Can be undefined, if server side validation is not using
    Get_Brontosaurus_Application_key(), // Required
    Get_Brontosaurus_Public_key(), // Can be undefined, if client side validation is not using

Although the public key and server address can be set as undefined, if possible, set it to correct value can avoid potential problems.

Validate Token

Brontosaurus Node SDK support both Client Side and Server Side Validation.

See the following document for instructions.